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Taronga's new chimp baby

A cute new addition to the chimp family at Taronga Zoo in Sydney was born at 7.30am on October 25th 2013. Keepers knew the mother, Kuma, was pregnant and would have a baby any day but they were surprised to come to work in the morning and find the birth almost all over! Chimp keeper, Katie, told mum that Kuma is a very good mother and she is calm and protective and looked after the baby from the first second. Her son, Furahi, who is 10 years old, watched as his new baby brother was born and kept an eye out for trouble while his mum fed the baby for the first time. Some lucky guests to the zoo that day even got to see the baby straight away because Kuma was in her exhibit when she gave birth and was happy to walk around with the baby tightly wrapped on her chest most of the day! How lucky were they? All I can show you is some lovely photos!




Taronga Welcomes New Baby Chimp

The excitement continues for Taronga’s Primate keepers since the birth of a healthy chimpanzee baby 12 days ago!