Taronga statement on euthanasia
Monday 10th February 2014

Taronga’s goal is to protect and secure a future for wildlife, and our zoos manage animals according to the welfare needs of individuals, and the sustainability of the populations in our care.

In managing zoo animals, euthanasia is only considered as a last resort, and every avenue is explored for appropriate placement of an animal first.

Euthanasia is used in very specific circumstances, for example when an animal's quality of life is compromised by issues such as advancing age and deteriorating health, or in some cases when Australian wildlife are brought to Zoos for care after being injured in road accidents or pet attacks.

Every case of euthanasia is considered in consultation with Senior Wildlife Management staff and Zoo veterinarians under the guidelines of animal welfare requirements.

Effectively managing small populations of animals in zoos is increasingly critical to provide ‘insurance’ against extinction in the wild.