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Addax calf born February 2014

The breeding success continues at Taronga Western Plains Zoo, with the arrival of another Addax calf on 27 February.

The female calf is the fourth offspring for mother Mali, an experienced mother who continues to show great nurturing and maternal behaviours.

The calf is a little shy at present. Her mother has been sheltering her among rocks and long grass, as she would in the wild to protect the calf from any predators.

Keen-eyed visitors will be able to spot this most recent addition to the Addax herd if they look closely in the exhibit.

As the calf grows over the coming weeks, she will start to mingle with the rest of the herd and interact more with the older calves born late in 2013. 

Classified as critically endangered, there is more Addax in human care than in the wild today. Therefore every birth in a zoo-based environment is extremely important to ensure the long term future of this species. 

In the past 12 months, Taronga Western Plains Zoo’s Addax herd has grown rapidly with the birth of four calves. The herd is now made up of 11 animals in total and keepers are hopeful the next breeding season will see this number continue to grow.

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