July 2012

Tiny Tails: Feathertail Gliders!

Feathertail Gliders are some of the world's smallest and lightest mammals and are growing fast in the Nocturnal House!

Brrr! It's Cold!

Have you ever been so cold you thought a big furry jacket might be nice? Well – meet Khumbu, Taronga’s newest resident. He’s a really special big cat, a Snow Leopard!

Project Penguin 2012

Have you ever been to Manly? Maybe you hung out on the beach in summer, or took the ferry from Circular Quay to the wharf at Manly? Did you know there is a group of Little Penguins that live right near the Manly Wharf!?

Siamang Season!

Ever been called a cheeky monkey? My Grandma calls me that sometimes and Mum and I just giggle... because we know I'm an ape - like a Siamang!