August 2012

Cubs' first year

Well, a year ago the staff at Taronga Zoo were very excited! They knew that the zoo's female tiger, Jumilah, was pregnant and that the cubs were due soon!

Meet Poppy-Lou!

What looks like a little kangaroo, has a pouch and the cutest face ever? It's Poopy-Lou the Quokka!

Welcome back Willow and Jantan!

About two months ago the orang-utans, Willow and Jantan, could move back into their own place! And now they are back on exhibit and you and all the zoo guests can visit them and see them again!

Get your beak into books!

One of my favorite authors was at the Zoo recently! His name is Andrew Daddo and he writes lots of types of books, but my favorite are the stories about Skoz the Dog!