February 2013

Fennec Foxes from Far

I have some exciting news! Even though they were born during the holidays – Mum said I can finally tell you about some new babies at Taronga Zoo. Fennec Foxes are the smallest fox in the world and they come from the desert in Africa. They are so amazing because they live in such a hot place!

Fish in the Future

So, it sounds complicated but here goes… scientists have discovered that at the moment there is a lot of species of fish in the ocean that might be in trouble.

Lazarus is the ‘Mane’ event

They are big and strong and live in groups, which is unusual for cats. Lions live in groups, called prides, of one big male, with a few females, who have his cubs.

Tully and Boy

Have you been to Backyard to Bush lately? You might have seen the two friendly dogs walking around with their keepers and meeting all the guests.