February 2014

Condor chick ‘Percy’ hatches at Taronga!

It's not easy to get a bird so big and from so far away to breed, lay an egg and to have a healthy chick 62 days later.

Tutka takes a shower

Elephants use their trunk to cool off by spraying water on themselves, but the trunk is also a snorkel for swimming, a straw for drinking and a knife and a fork for eating! It can pick up something as small as a peanut or as big as a tree trunk.

How to cool down a devil

Tasmanian Devils are named because of their spine-tingling screeches in the night. They are the world’s largest marsupial (animal who carries its babies in a pouch) that eats meat. Read more...

Seal escapes from the jaws of death!

Bondi, the New Zealand Fur Seal, was found, barely alive, on the famous Sydney beach. Read more...