January 2013

The Triceratops!

I don’t know much about dinosaurs but I have a mate that does! His name is Alec and he is 11 years old. He has loved dinosaurs and animals for ages – like lots of you! I have asked Alec to help me write about the dinosaurs here at Taronga.

Winged Wonders….

Butterflies are pretty cool and I remember learning about them at school when we were talking about life cycles of animals.

Meet Zippy!!

Zippy is an Ornate Box Tortoise that lives in the Education Centre at Taronga Zoo in Sydney. He came to live in Sydney because a man tried to bring him on a plane from his original home in America!

What? A Wapiti?!

Out at Dubbo, at Taronga western Plains Zoo, a new arrival is settling in. A new Wapiti foal was born in early December and the keepers say she’s doing great. Click here to read more about Kai, and to find out what’s the deal with Wapiti...