May 2013

Saving a Species

In April, a very special event took place. Keepers from the bird team at Taronga Zoo had been planning this for a long time. Click this link to find out what happened!

Wild! Rhinos at Taronga

Everyone at Taronga is talking Rhinos at the moment! There are real rhinos at Taronga Western Plains Zoo, but soon lots of rhino sculptures will arrive in Sydney for a very special reason! They are going to be painted! I couldn’t believe it when I heard Mum talking about it with a friend! What did she mean? Read here to learn more…

Beautiful Belinda’s Second Chance

Sometimes, animals come to the Zoo because they are hurt or sick. They go straight to the Taronga Wildlife Hospital to rest and heal if they are injured. The vets try to make the better and give them a second chance out in the wild. Not all of them make it back to the wild, but when they do – it’s very exciting! Mum told me about a success story and it was so cool that I wanted to tell you guys about it too!

Barbary Sheep visit the Doctor

Just like you have to go to the doctor sometimes, Zoo animals have to as well! Every animal in the Zoo sees the vets at least once a year. The vets want to check all the same things that human doctors looks at, like your heart and lungs. They take blood for tests and even call a dentist sometimes.