November 2013

New baby makes big news!

Everyone loves babies’ right? We'll, it seems like Taronga's gone baby crazy! Mum says this year the zoo has had some really great news, and primate keepers have welcomed a very cool addition to one of their animal groups.

Meet Massive Missy

So, most of the snakes my mum works with are quite small and easy to hold in one hand. At least, that's what she thinks. Well, Missy is different! She is the biggest python at the Education Centre and it's my Mums job, along with Missy's keepers, to get her outside in the sunshine sometimes.

St Pius X get rhino'd!

You may have already seen some of my stories and photos about the Wild! Rhino Education Project, where schools can design and decorate a rhino sculpture. Well, a school near Taronga Western Plains Zoo has done just that and they invited Mandy, from the zoo in Dubbo to visit their school.

Zoomobile heads out!

Do you live far away from both the Taronga Zoos? Mum was telling me about the Zoomobile the other day and I think its cool! It's a van that take special animals out of the zoo and bring them to schools, kindergartens and nursing homes, even to areas a long way from the zoo.