October 2012

Dinosaurs come to Taronga – meet Alec, Dino Expert!!

I don’t know much about dinosaurs but I have a mate that does! His name is Alec and he is 11 years old. He has loved dinosaurs and animals for ages – like lots of you! I have asked Alec to help me write something about dinosaurs here at Taronga.

Phasmids – Leaf and Stick Insects

Ever been outside and seen something moving out of the corner of your eye? But then looked and not been able to see anything? Well – it could have been a phasmid! Phasmids are Leaf and Stick Insects and they are really good at Hide and Seek!

There’s something about Mary!!

Recently, Carnivore Keeper, Lesley, was telling me something about Mary! Mary is a cute little Sun Bear all the way from Canberra National Zoo. She was born there, and her mum and dad are still there, but the keepers from both Taronga and Canberra National Zoo thought she would like to come to Taronga.

Meerkat madness!

My mum thinks meerkats are marvellous! She was on the phone with a friend, Jen, at Taronga Western Plains Zoo the other day about some new meerkat pups that have recently been born there!