October 2013

Jumilah’s sore tooth!

Jumilah, the female Sumatran Tiger at Taronga Zoo in Sydney, needed some dental work. I hate going to the dentist, do you? Well, I was amazed to see that even the big cats have to go sometimes too!

Taronga’s really old!

I didn’t know how old Taronga Zoo really was until my mum told me that in a few years time the zoo will celebrate its 100th birthday!

Even snakes can find love!

Have you noticed how warm it has been getting lately? My mums’ friend Janie was telling me about how the warm weather lately has been making the reptiles in the zoo a lot more active! Click here to read and see more!

Zoo Grooves rocks!

Do you like music? Do you live near Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo, or feel like a family trip? Well, Zoo Grooves might be a fun idea! Lots of bands come to play music at Taronga Western Plains Zoo each Sunday! Check it out by clicking here…