September 2013

Dragon Takes Flight

Would you like to hear about a new cool bird that has recently started appearing in the Bird Show lately? Dragon is a Sooty Owl who has recently been trained to fly very close to a special volunteer as they sit on stage during the Bird Show!

Good news for Devils

Recently the Tasmanian Devil Keepers at Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo were very happy to tell everyone they had two new joeys in their care! Being a Devil Keeper is hard work, but it must feel good to know you have helped a Tasmanian Devil mother look after her babies!

Who is Pugsley??

Ever wondered who is the keepers’ favourite animal in the zoo? As a zoo keeper, you’re not meant to have a favourite animal! Just like your teacher is not meant to have a favourite student. Well, I asked the staff around the Education Centre and lots of them voted for Pugsley! Who’s Pugsley? Why is she so many people’s favourite animal?

Woolworths and Taronga team up!

Have you ever collected anything? My uncle collected stamps when he was a child and my mum said that when she was a kid, she pressed flowers and kept them in a book. Well, I have started collecting something new myself. Woolworths and Taronga have just created some cool Aussie Animal Trading cards, and I’ve only just started but I plan to get them all!