Episode 2

Taronga is mid-way through moving all the Chimpanzees to their new sanctuary, but things haven’t gone exactly to plan.

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This episode captures Taronga staff at their professional best. Despite devastating news, tough decisions and personal heartbreak, they push on for the good of this world-renowned chimpanzee community.

And finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for, the Chimpanzees discover a brand new sanctuary. It’s been years of meticulous planning and lots of man power, but will the primates like it?

Why did we move the Chimpanzees?

Most will agree moving house can be a stressful experience. It takes lots organisation and preparation, but when you are moving 19 Chimpanzees it involves years of meticulous planning and a specialist team of removalists including the primates’ dedicated keepers, veterinary staff, animal behaviourists, exhibit designers and tradespeople.

The making of episodes one and two

Moving the chimps was certainly a massive undertaking, but filming it, capturing the action and showing just how incredible this event was, was also no mean feat.

Meet the families

Visit this page for Keeper insights on each on Taronga's Chimps, from the current alpha male Lubutu to the youngest members of the group - Sule and Sembe.

Jane Goodall visits Taronga on World Environment Day

Jane Goodall visits our chimp group in 2011 to announce the latest chapter in Taronga's long partnership.