Series 2

It’s time to snuggle up on the lounge, pull out the popcorn and tune your TV to ABC1, because your favourite show, Wild Life at the Zoo is on air again. This time, you can catch all your favourite zoo keepers, vets and animals on Friday nights at 8pm.

Once again, you’ll get a look at what our wild world is like, from the inside out. You’ll see all the successes and setbacks that have taken place over the year, and watch the trials and tribulations of some of our more political animals, like the meerkat females who declare war for the alpha position.

Episode 1 – Sun Bear and Indian Rhinoceros

The first episode of Series Two is gritty, at times confronting but ultimately uplifting. It tells the story of the cruel wildlife trade and the former life of Taronga’s Sun Bear, Mr. Hobbs. This much loved Taronga bear was rescued from the Cambodian restaurant trade before he could be dismembered to create Bear Paw Soup.

Episode 2 – Koala Joey & Lazarus the lion

Share the emotional journey and sleepless nights with keeper, Nick who becomes a surrogate father to Tallow the koala joey. Being a koala keeper may seem like one of the cuter and cuddlier jobs at Taronga, but rearing a koala which has been rejected by its mother, is one hard job. It requires 24 hour dedication and is a roller coaster of emotional highs and lows.

Episode 3 – Lucy Melo, Echidna Puggle, Tiger Cubs

What does a domestic pet have in common with a highly endangered Sumatran Tiger? Tonight’s episode reveals how tips for training your pet dog can also assist the Zoo’s carnivore keepers to care for the Big Cats.

Episode 4 - Politicals of Meerkats and the introduction of two Snow Leopards

This week’s episode is all about our Carnivore Division. From the large animals to the small, but still very powerful, you’ll get an insight into the political machinations of the Meerkats and see the introduction of two exquisitely beautiful Snow Leopards.

Episode 5 - Fennec Foxes, White Rhimoceros & Munroe

In this week’s episode, a pair of Fennec Foxes becomes parents for the first time, a White Rhinoceros arrives from Victoria to provide support for Taronga Western Plains Zoo’s pregnant rhino and viewers meet a very special penguin with very happy feet.