Marley News July 2012

So if you've been to Taronga in Sydney you might have looked for the orang-utans but noticed they weren't there!

In fact, for a long time the Chimpanzee group were living in their house while their enclosure was fixed and renovated!

Then a few months ago the chimps moved back to their new fresh sanctuary and it meant the orang-utans’ house could be fixed too!

And about two months ago the orang-utans, Willow and Jantan, could move back into their own place!

Now they are back on exhibit and you and all the zoo guests can visit them and see them again!

It's so cool to have them back and to see them settling in and doing great!

Mum took a picture for me, check out this picture of Jantan, he's the male, having a cup of peppermint tea! I never knew apes liked tea!