Komodo Dragon on Rinca Island

So Komodo Dragons are the world’s largest lizards! They can be up to 3m long and weigh about 150kgs! That's huge, certainly bigger than the little Bearded Dragon I've seen at the zoo before! Michael is a keeper in the Reptile Division and he went in a trip to the dragons habitat to help the local people there learn more about their dragons. The dragons live on tiny islands near Bali and one of the islands even shares its name with the big lizard, Komodo Island! They watched some dragons and followed them, even trapping some to get really cool data like how much they weighed and exactly how long they were.  Michael said it was tiring but exciting because he had seen Taronga's Komodo Dragon, Tuka, every day he had worked at the zoo, but he had never seen them in the wild! It must have been exciting and I think sometimes, a bit scary! I would be! Those dragons can bite hard and their saliva is toxic making their prey, like chickens and deer, sick so that way they can catch them and eat them! That's gross!

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