Burma and Gigi, Asian Elephants

So, I had no idea that elephants could live so long but Burma and Gigi are both in their 50's and they have known each other for ages! Burma is 59 and Gigi is 56! That's heaps old I told my mum, but she said Nanna was older and that elephants can live into their 70's! According to mums friends out at Taronga Western Plains Zoo, the two old girls seem to enjoy being part of the daily keeper talk. They really like the enrichment tubs they receive during the talk. The enrichment tubs are like old containers which keepers fill with treats. Mums friend said Burma likes to crush hers instead of working out how to get the items of food out of the holes provided, but Gigi likes to puzzle the whole thing out.

Burma also really enjoys the wet weather, so she’s been having heaps of fun in the recent rainfall and especially the mud it creates. Visitors to the Zoo can easily recognize her from Gigi as she loves to cover herself in mud...and not just a light layer of mud; there’s lots of it! Go Burma!

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