Ghost Bat

One of the newest groups of nocturnal animals to arrive in the Australian Nightlife exhibit have made a big impression, not just on Kelly and their keepers, but on the guests who come to visit!

The Ghost Bat has a scary name but isn’t really scary – although I think they are funny looking and have weird faces!

Their exhibit is almost pitch black and looks like a cave, which is the kind of place they would choose in the wild, mostly in the north part of Australia (Mum said the Kimberly’s in WA is a place she has seen them but I’ve never been there).

If you read Kelly’s interview – you may have read that they get their name from the way their wings look when the moonlight shines through them.

They are small really; about 11cm long and the females are usually smaller than the males. They hang upside down from their feet like most bats. They have sharp strong teeth, like razors, and eat meat – like mice and birds and insects.