Kelly and Kerry with adoption certificate

Kelly met my Mum last month when she invited Mum out to her school. She and her mates wanted to give Taronga some money they had raised for wildlife. They wanted to adopt an animal and give some money to the Wildlife Hospital…

What made you want to raise money for Taronga Zoo?

Well, we heard about the wildlife hospital and decided to help out. We researched a little and we found out about how many turtles and other animals die in the wild. And how you can help! We wanted to help and reward the Taronga Wildlife Hospital for keeping our Aussie mates out of the extinction category.

How did you and your class choose the Ghost bat and why?

We had four animals that were either really endangered or only had been adopted by a few people. The animals were the Fijian Crested Iguana, Regent Honey Eater, Ghost bat and the Feather tail Glider. We had a vote: the Ghost Bat had the most votes out of the nine of us [Ciara (my sister), Sophie, Alyssa, Annabelle, Grace, Sarah, Bronte, Rebecca, Thomas and me.] So we are adopting the Ghost Bat!

What is the coolest thing you have learnt about a Ghost bat?

The only reason it is called a Ghost bat is because when the moon shines on its wings they look like a ghost! And to their prey they are a living nightmare because of their excellent hearing and have inch long fangs.

I think Kelly is really awesome for doing so much! Some people don’t think kids can do much to help wildlife or to get involved in conservation, but Kelly and her friends prove them wrong! Nice work, you guys!  Click below if you want to see some photos Mum took when she went to Kelly’s school and met her at her school assembly…. 

And read the next story, if you like the sound of Ghost Bats…