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So, it sounds complicated but here goes… scientists have discovered that at the moment there is a lot of species of fish in the ocean that might be in trouble.

There are some fish that humans love to eat, like tuna, that are going to go extinct if we humans keep fishing as much as we do.

Miya and Tjeerd Jegen of Woolworths and Cameron Kerr of Taronga

This means that in the future, we will not be able to eat as much fish as we do now and that animals, like seals and penguins, will also go hungry. When Woolworths heard that Taronga wanted to do something to save animals in the wild like seals and sea birds, they decided to get together to help.

Woolworths have decided that the fish and seafood they sell, as much as they can, will be from the types of fish that aren’t going to be endangered soon. With Taronga, they will help people make better seafood choices when they’re doing their grocery shopping.

At Taronga Zoo, visitors can learn about the best fish and seafood to buy and eat when they watch the Seal Show. They have even taught Nala the Australian Sea-lion to be part of the show to teach people about how important our fish and oceans are.