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Have you been to Backyard to Bush lately?

You might have seen the two friendly dogs walking around with their keepers and meeting all the visitors.

Boy (he’s the boy) and Tully (she’s the female) are sheep dogs, and of course, are living at Backyard to Bush to keep an eye on the sheep herd. There are only seven sheep but they are still very lucky to have these two dedicated watch dogs. Boy and Tully are trained to round the sheep up, just like dogs on a working farm (rounding up means to find them and lead them back to their pen).

Boy and Tully with keeper Rebecca

 Boy and Tully were rescued by Taronga from the pound and given a great home among the turkeys and goats, and of course, the sheep. They also have the very important job of meeting visitors and with their keepers, help people learn about looking after their pets at home.

Way to go Boy, and well done Tully!