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Bondi, the New Zealand Fur Seal

Bondi, the New Zealand Fur Seal, was found, barely alive, on the famous Sydney beach. He had wounds and gashes over two-thirds of his body. National Parks and Wildlife Service, and Taronga Zoo vets and keepers brought him to Taronga’s Wildlife Hospital, where he spent several weeks healing and recovering from malnutrition with a tasty diet of pilchards. (When an animal is sick or wounded, it can’t hunt well.) Because of his injuries and long rehabilitation, he couldn’t go back to the wild, so he found a home at Taronga’s Great Southern Oceans where he has been busily making new friends. I wonder if he has told them his incredible tale!

"He's very relaxed and easy-going and has been socialising well with the other seals," says Keeper Elly Neumann. "He's the smallest seal here, but he has the biggest attitude." You can see Bondi, who is probably about two years old, in the waters at Seal Cove.