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Tutka takes a shower

Elephants use their trunk to cool off by spraying water on themselves, but the trunk is also a snorkel for swimming, a straw for drinking and a knife and a fork for eating! It can pick up something as small as a peanut or as big as a tree trunk.

Tutka weighed 120kg (twice as much as Mum!) when she was born in Taronga Zoo on 2 November, 2010. Her mother, Pak Boon, was pregnant for almost two years. Phew! From the moment she was born, Tukta was incredibly strong and stable on her feet. Now she is older, she has lots of confidence and loves to play. You can see more photos of Tutka and other Asian Elephants cooling off if you follow this link to our Facebook page. Elephant keeper Bobby-Jo Clow took the pictures, and I reckon they are fantastic! When you take photos, try to get the animal doing something.