Marley News July 2012

Snow Leopards are very beautiful cats! They have gorgeous white fur with dark spots. They look super fluffy and quite big, but a friend of mums told her that the Snow Leopards at the Zoo weigh only about 50kg! That’s not very heavy for such a big cat.

Anyway, at Taronga there are two Snow Leopards - now that a new male has arrived! His name is Khumbu and he came all the way from Mogo Zoo in country NSW. Until recently there were three Snow Leopards. Samara lived at Taronga with her cubs, Sabu and Kamala. Mum said the keepers called them the cubs, even though they were born in 2005 and are fully grown now.

A few months ago Sabu and Kamala went to live in another zoo so Khumbu could move in and he and Samara might have more little cubs! I think it’s very exciting! Click on the picture of Khumbu to see some photos of Snow Leopards.