Marley News July 2012

My mum says that kids are really powerful and often know more about animals and the environment than adults! She told me about Project Penguin and took some photos for me while I was at school one day. 

On June 28, the students from six primary schools in the Northern Beaches area (that’s near Manly) came to Taronga and showed all the public their artwork. But the artwork was very important! It had to have a message that taught people about the Little Penguins and how to look after them in the wild on Manly beaches! Like the message might be “Please don’t litter!” or “Please keep your dog on a leash!” 

After showing it to the guests at the Zoo, some of the artwork is going on display around Manly, in shops and businesses and even the Council Chambers! Some kids even got their photo taken and were interviewed for the Manly Daily newspaper! Keep your eye out for the Project Penguin artwork if you are in Manly in July and have a look at some of the kids' work by clicking on the picture below.