Marley News July 2012

Do you know which mammal is the smallest in the world? They weigh around 10g and their joeys are less that 1g when they are born and smaller than a grain of rice!! That’s right, I said joeys! That means they are also marsupials and the females have pouches! Tiny little pouches where the babies live for a while, until they get too big and then the Mum makes a nest that keeps the little growing joeys warm and safe. In some of the photos you can see the nest the little mums make in the nest box.

Feathertail Glider up close
Feathertail Glider up close

At Taronga Zoo in Sydney, the Feathertail Gliders are on display in Australia’s Nightlife, that’s a special exhibit for animals who are active at night, and sleep in the daytime!

Anyway these joeys are growing quickly and soon, if you visit, you may see them gliding and running about in their enclosure. They are small and very fast though – so you have to be ready for them!!

Check out the photos below...