Marley News July 2012

So Ryan, the Zoo Teacher I was telling you about, went to Masada College in St Ives on a Zoomobile. The teacher asked the Zoomobile to visit for a special class.

My Mum's desk

The Year Seven students were in art class and were practising their newly learnt art skills by drawing, sketching and painting the animals Ryan bought to meet them. While the students kept their work for their school projects and to show their families, the teacher that asked Ryan to come, named Jenny, drew some pictures of her own. Then, at the end of the class, she gave them to Ryan to give to people at the Zoo! What a great gift!

My Mum saw them when Ryan bought them back and took some photos of them, and put them up in her office so everyone she works with could enjoy them. She even found photos of the actual animals to compare Jenny’s art with real life. Taronga Zoomobile staff would like to thanks Jenny at Masada College for this awesome gift!

See the photos in the album below. What do you think of these cool animal portraits?