Marley News July 2012

So Ben works really hard every Tuesday! He comes in once a week and works in the Taronga Zoo gift shop warehouse. He does all kinds of important jobs like put labels on the plush toys, put the price stickers on products and clean and dust in the shop.

Ben at Taronga Zoo

His teachers come with him and help him because he finds some of the jobs tricky. But he is getting much better at them too because he practises so hard. He told me he also likes catching the bus to and from Taronga and learning how to be independent and a good worker. I asked him ‘what does a good worker do’. He said they start work at the right time and don’t come late, and they do the jobs without complaining or saying they're too tired.

Ben showed me how to do some of his jobs as we talked and he explained that the price labels have to go on the right spot on the tag of the plush toy! We were doing toy tigers that day, but he said he has put stickers on most of the toys.

I was glad I met Ben and his teachers are really proud of him because he is learning new skills and becoming more and more grown up! Good work Ben!