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Mum was working late one afternoon and said I could go for a walk with her friend Nardi to learn about some cool Aboriginal stuff.

I know some things about the Aboriginal people from school – like another word for the Aboriginal people is Indigenous Australians (that’s hard to spell but Nardi said it’s a good word to use to talk about her people) and that they lived in Australia a long time ago, before the First Fleet got here.

Nura Ddiya means “this camp, this place” and Nardi explained that the land and the country and its animals are very special to Aboriginal people, and so Taronga decided to call its new Indigenous tour “Nura Diya” and I got to go on it with Nardi.

I learnt that the tribes that used to live on the land that the Zoo is on now and that they were called Cameraigal people and I learnt about the spirits that those people believed in. I was really interesting – especially when we meet the animals that Nardi said are so important to Cameraigal people. Have a look at the photo album of animals and see if you can name them all!