Marley News July 2012


Barbary Sheep at Taronga Zoo

They are put into a deep sleep so that vets can easily check their heartbeats, and have a really good look in their eyes and noses and at their skin. They take a little bit of blood and a special doctor, called a pathologist, looks at it to see if it’s clean and healthy. 

At Taronga Zoo, there are 18 Barbary Sheep, and they all get a health check up once a year. The Zoo vets and keepers spend a whole day with the sheep, catching and then taking them to the hospital to check them all over.

The ‘Barbs’ as they are called by their keepers were all very healthy, some of them just needed a bit of hoof trimming and teeth cleaning. Now they are all back in their exhibit and have lovely bright smiles and jump around very easily on the rocks! Healthy barbs are happy barbs!