Marley News July 2012
Black Swan returns to Manly Dam

Sometimes, when animals are brought to the Taronga Wildlife Hospital, they are too sick or hurt to ever go back to the wild. But Belinda the swan was one of the lucky ones! The swan had swallowed fishing line that someone had thrown into the ocean! She even had a hook stuck in her stomach! Ouch! The Veterinarians operated on her and got the hook out from the bird’s insides.

After staying at the hospital for a few months (it’s called rehabilitation) at Taronga Zoo, she was healthy and fit and could be released back to the wild at Manly Dam!

Belinda swiming with her Swan family

I thought it was a great story but it made me sad too. It made me wish I could stop people who’ve been fishing from throwing the fishing line and hook away without caring for the animals that might get caught up in it later, because not just swans get sick, lots of animals do. Still I’m so happy Belinda is back in the wild and I hope Belinda never has to come back to the Hospital. Go Belinda!