Marley News July 2012

So, painting rhinos – sounds weird and silly, and knowing rhinos – dangerous right? The first thing I had to try to understand when I heard about people ‘painting rhinos’ was that there are not real rhinos! They are sculptures that artists can paint to look like anything they want, or to tell a story or send a message!

Painting Rhinos

Taronga and Taronga Western Plains Zoos are about to start an exciting program where famous artists and even school kids will be able to paint their very own 3D Rhino statue.

Then at the end of the painting time, all the sculptures will be on display in Sydney and Dubbo, and even on the highway between the two places so people can see them.

I reckon it’s a cool idea and they will look great – plus I hope it will mean the painters learn about Rhinos! I plan to learn more soon and I think I’ll keep you posted about rhinos and the painted rhinos later too…