Puggle Love

A baby kangaroo is a joey and a baby echidna is a puggle! I didn’t know that until I met Beau. He (they actually don't know whether Beau is a boy or girl yet, but I call the puggle he) is a tiny little handful! He doesn’t even have spikes yet!

Beau was dropped off at Taronga a couple of weeks ago. He was found on a path in a caravan park, all the way up on the Central Coast of New South Wales. One of Mum’s friends called Annabelle is a vet nurse and she has looked after baby echidnas before so the vets decided she was the best person to look after the stranded little puggle.

Puggles drink milk like all mammal young, but he doesn’t drink from a bottle! Guess how Annabelle feeds him milk? She squirts the milk into her own hand and Beau licks and slurps it up, a bit like a little vacuum cleaner!

Hopefully, in the future, I can tell you all about how big the youngster is growing and what the puggle and Annabelle are getting up to!

Have a look at some photos of Beau in the album below. There’s even a video you can watch… click the link to watch it!