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St Pius X Group Photo

So there are over 60 schools taking part in the Wild! Rhino Education Program and they are all busy at the moment decorating rhino sculptures for their school. St Pius X is a school near the Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo and they invited mum’s mate, Mandy and a Zoo Keeper, Lachy, to visit their school on their Rhino Day! Lachy talked to the whole school at assembly about rhinos and what it’s like being a rhino keeper and Mandy helped them raise some money to go towards rhino conservation. Rhinos in Indonesia are in real trouble and the Javan Rhino may go extinct soon – so Taronga Zoo is trying to help, by breeding the rhinos in Australia and visiting the places overseas that look after rhinos to give them a hand! Well done St Pius X – its awesome to know you have so many dedicated students and that you really care about our wildlife!