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Zoomobile, Kerry and Skidmore Girls

The Zoomobile sounds so fun! I never really thought about it before but there are lots of people that live really far away from either Taronga Zoo in Sydney, or Taronga Western Plains Zoo in Dubbo. And so that the kids and people that live far away can meet animals and learn about conservation, Taronga Zoo in Sydney have a special van that can drive just about anywhere in NSW. It’s got special spots for animals, and they even all have seat belts! And there’s room for equipment and cages and everything the keeper needs when they take a group of animals out on the road! This year the Zoomobile has gone to West Wyalong, Coffs Harbour, Narrandera, Bournda and the Warrumbungles. So that means heaps of students at schools and people around NSW have also been able to meet some native animals and learn about how important it is to look after their environment. Maybe next year the Zoomobile will come out to your area, even if you are far from Sydney!