Baby Meerkat

My mum thinks meerkats are marvellous! She was on the phone with a friend, Jen, at Taronga Western Plains Zoo the other day about some new meerkat pups that have recently been born there, (…and of course, I was eavesdropping in case there was a good story to tell you about!) They are pretty cute and still small.

One has been named Toto – because it means small in an African language, and the other is named Billy, and he is named after one of Western Plains Zoo’s regular guests and volunteers! Meerkats are from Africa and in the wild live in packs of up to 50. In every pack there is dominant male and female pair who has all the babies. Dominant means they are the bosses of the group, but even though they have all the pups – the whole group look after the young and often the parents don’t look after the pups at all! Meerkats are pretty funny to watch and they are one of Taronga and Taronga Western Plains most popular animals. I think it’s because they are cute as pups – but still stay cheeky as adults! Mum asked Jen to send me some photos of the babies. Check them out by clicking the gallery album below.