Protecting Sumatran Tigers and their habitat

Way Kambas National Park (WKNP) is the last protected lowland habitat for the Sumatran Tiger and many prey species including Malayan Tapir and Malayan Sun-bear.

Sadly, the park has endured a great deal of human pressure such as illegal encroachment by logging and fire. All fires in WKNP are illegally lit to expand areas for grazing and agriculture. To combat this loss of habitat a reforestation project was proposed, informally referred to as the ‘Bungur tiger habitat project’. The project commenced in 2010 with 10,000 seedlings planted by the local villagers. Sadly, an illegal fire in September 2012 burned most of these seedlings. The resilient local community re-planted another 10,000 seedlings at the end of 2012.

Taronga’s funding helped buy two 4WD fire trucks and fire fighting equipment. As a result, habitat protection with the of help of local rangers, National Park staff, community members and fire control guards has meant these trees have grown to 2-4m over the last 2 years!