Support an Appeal

In the last year alone, the Taronga Foundation has supported  35 important programs including research into Leopard Seals, the release of 600 Booroolong Frogs and 13,000 of their eggs, funding for eleven in-situ conservation programs from Sri Lanka to Lord Howe Island, and the breeding of African Wild Dogs, Tasmanian Devils, and, of course, three Asian Elephant calves.

Lemur appeal

Your tax-deductible gift will make it possible for Taronga to continue our pioneering conservation programs – and help save precious animals like the lemur from extinction.

Become a Taronga Wildlife Defender

Share our love for the wild and become a Taronga Wildlife Defender with a regular monthly donations. It's secure, hassle free and is your commitment to support Taronga over the long term.

Rhino Appeal

Four out of the world’s five rhino species are in critical danger. All five are under threat from habitat destruction or illegal poaching. And there’s a real chance we could lose them forever. Please make an urgent gift to help save these magnificent animals like the rhino from extinction.

Tiger Appeal

Please support Taronga in our efforts to save the Sumatran Tiger from extinction. If we don’t act now these beautiful animals could disappear in the wild forever.

Tasmanian Devil Appeal

The Tasmanian Devil is disappearing at an alarming rate in the wild, but by donating to Taronga, you can support a breeding program that may just save the species from extinction.

If we don’t act now, we could lose a magnificent creature forever

If you love Luk Chai and Pathi Harn, donate to Taronga Zoo and support the Asian Elephant conservation breeding program. Without it, the species could be extinct in 20 years.

Support Taronga's Wildlife Hospital

Please support Taronga’s Wildlife Hospital which cares and treats over 1,000 injured and orphaned native animals every year. We need your help to continue this vital work.

Donate to Taronga

Support Taronga by making a donation today to the Taronga Foundation. Your donation will help support the vital conservation work of Taronga, both in caring for the animals in our Zoo's and through vital in-situ conservation work that helps protects wildlife in its natural habitat.