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We're working together with Woolworths to launch an ambitious program for marine conservation in Australia. 

Taronga and Woolworths join forces to commit to a future full of fish

Our aim is to raise awareness about marine conservation among Australian consumers and empower them to make informed choices about sustainable seafood. As part of the program, Woolworths announced its ambition to have all the wild-caught fish it sells certified by the Marine Stewardship Council by 2015.


Did you know, over a million different species are found beneath the waves?

With so many mouths to feed we need to ensure our hunger for seafood leaves enough to go around.

Currently humans are taking more fish from the oceans than can be replaced naturally, leaving many fish stocks around the world in decline. Marine life and human communities rely on these fish. We simply need to get better at sharing.

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Many fisheries around the world are using good management practices to fish stocks for the future by ensuring:

  • the fish stocks being targeted are healthy
  • the impact on the surrounding ecosystem is minimised, and
  • the fishery is sustainably well managed

Choose products with the blue MSC ecolabel when you shop, this ecolabel means the fishery has been independently certified as being sustainable.We need to support these fisheries!

Your seafood choices can make a positive difference to our oceans and marine life, like Nala.