Update on Palm Oil Labelling

After passing successfully through the Senate, the amended Bill for mandatory labelling of palm oil was voted down in the House of Representatives last year.

Taronga would like to thank everyone who signed the Don’t Palm Us Off petition, wrote letters to members of parliament and made submissions to Parliamentary Enquiries.

Palm oil is an ingredient in one in four food products and is also used in soaps, cosmetics and biofuels. We remain committed to supporting palm oil labelling in order to give consumers the information they require to make informed decisions about their everyday purchases.

In November, 2011 Taronga Director and Chief Executive Cameron Kerr appeared in a video with Director of Conservation, WWF Australia Dr Gilly Llewllyn for launch of the Palm Oil Buyers’ Scorecard which measures over 130 major retailers and consumer goods manufacturers by looking at their commitment to, and use of palm oil certified to the internationally recognised standards of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil.

Protecting Sumatran Tigers and their habitat

Continue To Take Action

We invite you to support companies who are willing to pay a premium for certified sustainable palm oil. In turn, these companies are supporting communities who have altered their farming practices to reduce the impact on wild habitat – including those of the Sumatran Tiger and Orang-utan.

Take action today by simply asking the companies that make your favourite products the following questions:

  1. Do you label your products which contain palm oil as an ingredient?
  2. Do you use sustainably sourced palm oil?
  3. If not, why not?

By asking these questions and requesting that companies follow through, you are doing your bit to ensure the future of endangered species. More information can be found on the walls outside the Sumatran Tiger exhibit where our cubs Sakti, Kartika and Kembali can be seen daily. And, with numbers as low as 400 in the wild, these cubs offer hope for the future of their species if we take action now.

Finally, while the Zoo has stopped collecting signatures at this point, we encourage you to send any petitions to your local MP (you will find your own Federal MP in this list: www.aph.gov.au/house/members/mi-elctr.asp) and/or Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke (Tony.Burke.MP@environment.gov.au)

All You Need to Know: More Info About Palm Oil

 More Info About Palm Oil
Labelling food containing palm oil will allow consumers to make informed choices about what they buy, and apply pressure on producers to use palm oil that has been grown responsibly.

Everyone deserves the right to choose.

For more information contact:

Kira Husher (02) 9978 4733