Taronga has designed different levels of volunteer participation, so no matter what your skills, interests and available time, there is a position that will suit you. More...

How to Volunteer

If you want to volunteer at the Zoo, follow these simple steps to contact Taronga and make sure you are fully prepared for your new position. More

Information Sessions

Information sessions are arranged by Taronga to help interested people find out exactly what is involved in volunteering at the Zoo. > More

Award Winners

Taronga and Taronga western Plains Zoos are enormously proud of the volunteers, who play a vital and much appreciated role in the lives of animals and visitors. More


Taronga Zoo & Taronga Western Plains Zoo Volunteer Programs

If after reading our information above you require further information, please attend one of our Information Sessions.



Taronga is a signatory to the NSW Government Statement of Principles for the Recognition of Volunteer Rights