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Shark Know How


Known Dangerous Sharks.

There are over 510 species of shark worldwide and 182 of these sharks have been found in Australian waters (as of 2010), but only a handful are known to be dangerous to humans.

Latest Figures

The Australian Shark Attack File (ASAF) is the most comprehensive database on shark attacks and has a long-term scientific documented database containing information on all known Australian encounters that meet the criteria for inclusion. Initiated in 1984, the ASAF currently has more than 970 individual investigations housed on the File, covering the period 1791 to the present (as of last update).

Australian Shark Attack File

The general worldwide trend towards more intense utilisation of coastal marine waters for recriational activities has also increased the chances of shark-human interactions with a resulting increase in the number of reported shark encounters. As the population of Australia increases, many more people are entering coastal waters for recreational throughout the year.

Population increase since 1900:

1900 = 3.7 million
1950 = 8.3 million
1990= 17 million
2011 = 22.7 million

2014 = 23.5 million