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Tiger Habitat Protection in Sumatra

Protected since 1935, Berbak was declared a national park in 1992, and is recognised as a wetland of international importance.  The park is an area of high biodiversity, including the endangered Sumatran Tiger and Malayan Tapir. As top predator, the Sumatran Tiger is essential to maintaining the ecosystem function of the area which supports more than 250 bird species including the lesser adjutant stork and reptiles including the Malaysian Giant Turtle and Saltwater Crocodile.

Wild Carnivore Management in Tanzania

Large carnivores such as Lions and African Wild Dogs are under threat from conflict with humans in their natural habitats.

To ensure that these species survive, we must resolve this issue in areas where populations would otherwise still have a chance of long-term survival. This project will improve local livestock husbandry in order to reduce losses to predators, as well as helping educate villagers about carnivore ecology.

Conservation Education with Biodiversity & Elephant Conservation Trust

Asian Elephants have great cultural, ecological and economic value in the 13 countries they inhabit, but conflict with the local communities is still a primary threat to the species. 

This project helps educate Sri Lankan school children about the importance of elephants, the value of conservation and how to minimise habitat destruction. These workshops have increased understanding among the children and within their communities of the need for elephant conservation and the importance of biodiversity.

Conservation Action

Wildlife conservation requires sustained effort from many people working in many different areas. 

We have exceptional expertise in our Zoos, but we also need to work with like-minded organisations, community groups and conservation experts to protect and regenerate habitats, stop poaching and trafficking of wildlife and find solutions to living with wildlife in local communities.