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10 years plus

Thank you to the following sponsors for your generous support of the Zoo Parent program. All of you have continued your support of the program for 10 years or more. Thank you. 

Support an Appeal

In the last year alone, the Taronga Foundation has supported  35 important programs including research into Leopard Seals, the release of 600 Booroolong Frogs and 13,000 of their eggs, funding for eleven in-situ conservation programs from Sri Lanka to Lord Howe Island, and the breeding of African Wild Dogs, Tasmanian Devils, and, of course, three Asian Elephant calves.

E-dopt your Animal – The Greener Way of Giving

E-dopt is the new environmentally friendly way to adopt. You can e-dopt any animal from our two zoos for ONLY $48 for 12 months!

  • 100% email based
  • Personalised adoption certificate for your animal
  • Monthly emails all about what’s happening at our Zoos
  • Information sheet on your adopted animal
  • 100 % tax deductible

Through your E-doption you'll be helping towards the cost of food, expert veterinary care and all the special needs of your chosen animal.