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How to be a responsible cat owner

Keeping cats inside

A single cat can kill up to 100 animals in a year, so it's really important to keep your cat inside. This will also protect your fur-friend from being hit by a car, chased by a dog, diseases or poisoned.

But your cat doesn't have to miss out on the outdoors or the things they love. You can train your cat to walk on a lead and provide lots of toys to play with. Make sure your cat has acccess to a scratching post to stretch and sharpen their claws.

Travelling with pets

Taronga Western Plains Zoo is a quarantine area and no animals are allowed past the Zoo’s front gates.  

 To ensure our strict quarantine regulations are met we ask that visitors make alternate arrangements for their pets whilst visiting the Zoo.  Boarding kennels are available in Dubbo which will care for your pet during your visit.

For more information about Boarding Kennels in Dubbo please contact the Dubbo Visitor Information Centre on 6801 4450.