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How to be a responsible cat owner

Keeping cats inside

A single cat can kill up to 100 animals in a year, so it's really important to keep your cat inside. This will also protect your fur-friend from being hit by a car, chased by a dog, diseases or poisoned.

But your cat doesn't have to miss out on the outdoors or the things they love. You can train your cat to walk on a lead and provide lots of toys to play with. Make sure your cat has acccess to a scratching post to stretch and sharpen their claws.

Raise Your Palm

Palm oil is a derivative of the Oil Palm (Elaeis guineensis) that originates in the tropics of western Africa. The oil is extracted from the fruit and kernel, and has been used for medicine and as a source of food for 5000 years.

Throughout the 18th century traders introduced the plant to the tropical regions of South-east Asia, where the plantations supplied the burgeoning demand for oil resulting from the industrial revolution, when it was used as a lubricant in steam engines and in soap production.

Social Learning

Taronga is committed to developing experiences that connect our visitors to wildlife, develop a deep understanding of the issues that they face and inspire and empower action to conserve wildlife and habitats. Understanding how a visit to Taronga or Taronga Western Plains Zoos can affect the attitudes and behaviours of visitors is a critical element in delivering our vision and improving the visitor experience.