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The Floral Clock

Since 1928 Taronga Zoo’s Floral Clock has been the much-loved centrepiece of the Zoos horticulture. Find out how it came to be and how it has changed over the years.
Zoo Plants

Zoo Plants

From the fragrant gardenia, to the Wollemi Pine – a famous 'living fossil' – keep an eye out on your visit to Taronga Zoo for the extraordinary flora that compliments the animals in the Zoos’ care.
Animal Food Production

Animal Food Production

Taronga Zoo’s animals eat a wide variety of foods, some as exotic as the creatures that consume them, and some as common as the leaves of Eucalyptus trees.
Waste Management

Waste Management

Taronga Zoo’s public areas produce 35 tonnes of waste a month, but thanks to a comprehensive recycling policy, over 80 percent of that rubbish is diverted from landfill.
Water Use and Reuse

Water Use and Reuse

Sydney’s businesses account for a third of the city’s water use, but luckily Taronga is reducing water consumption and reusing waste water where ever it can.

Energy Management

Taronga has joined a government program to reduce energy use and as well as buying Green Energy, the Zoo is striving for ways to make its fleet of vehicals more environmentally friendly.

State of the Art Equipment

A bequest enabled the Taronga Wildlife Hospital to purchase a digital radiography system. The system is portable, allowing veterinarians to take equipment out of the Hospital to radiograph animals in their enclosures.

Powerful Owls

Two fledgling Powerful Owls were admitted to the Taronga Zoo Wildlife Hospital, two weeks apart.

Buller’s Albatross

Staff from the Taronga Zoo Wildlife Hospital became involved in a wildlife rescue while they were on a scientific sea bird boat trip off the coast of Wollongong.

Green Turtle

A Green Turtle known to locals of Lovett Bay in Pittwater, was found tangled in fishing line that was also caught up in a boat anchor.