Plan your visit to Taronga Zoo

With our interactive map the fun of a visit starts before you even arrive. 

Select the animals you know you want to see, add in the keeper talks that you’d like to hear or one of our fantastic shows and then choose a place for lunch. By planning your day in advance you can be sure you’ll get the most from your visit.

For people coming for a short visit or who maybe don’t know what they want to see we’ve suggested some pre-planned routes to help you make the most of your time.

Please note: On Easter Sunday, 20th April, Taronga Zoo is expected to be very busy.

Please check our website for admission updates on the day.

Download or print a copy of the map

Holiday activities

These school holidays Taronga offers something for the whole family. Come face to face with our loveable lemur troop in an exciting new walk-through experience – now part of the Lemur Forest Adventure.

Accessibility Map

This free map caters to different types of disabilities and focuses on the facilities Taronga Zoo offers, grouping them into six categories: soundscape, tranquil area, picnic area, tactile, low light and café/eateries. These facilities are shown on the map with a symbol. The map also includes steep and gentle slopes, doors, stairs and a variety of other symbols.

Building a Better Zoo

You may notice the building work as Taronga Zoo gives its exhibits a facelift, but most of the animals are on display as usual.

Taronga’s newly developed Main Entrance Plaza

Taronga’s newly developed Main Entrance Plaza is a free access area where you can plan your Zoo adventure or get a taste of this famous Zoo even if you are only able to stay for a short visit.

Wild Zoo Views from new Boardwalk

While you’re at the Zoo, take a stroll on Taronga’s new scenic boardwalk between the African Safari and Big Cats Trail. This new, gently sloping boardwalk is a magnificent way to experience Taronga’s wildlife with a fabulous harbour backdrop and an easy gradient for families with prams and less mobile visitors walking between Taronga Boulevard and the African Safari.

Animals Not On Display

As we build a better Zoo or due to routine medical check-ups some animals are occasionally taken off display. Animals currently off-display include: Australian Little Penguins, Seals, Blue and Gold macaw, Pheasant Concal, Eastern Barred Bandicoot Yellow-footed Rock Wallaby, Ring-tailed Lemurs, Southern Cassowary. For more details visit this page.