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Title Image - Little Penguin Swimming. Credit Lorinda Taylor

Taronga Zoo operates every day of the year; rain, hail or shine! There’s always something interesting to see and do regardless of the weather at Taronga Zoo.

In good weather

Don’t forget to be sun smart and pack some sunscreen and hats. If you forget, our Zoo shops carry a variety of hats and sunscreens. Also remember to bring a camera, as the Zoo has some breathtaking views of Sydney Harbour – learn why they call Taronga the “Zoo with the View”!

In wet weather

Pack an umbrella and don't let wet weather spoil your day. If you forget, don’t worry, as our Zoo shops carry a range of wet-weather gear, including Taronga Zoo-branded ponchos and umbrellas.

Our elephants love to swim while it’s raining, and be sure to explore the indoor sights, such as Australia’s Nightlife, the new Tasmanian Devil exhibit and the Platypus House.

Some of Taronga’s animals thrive in the rain, so be sure to visit the Rainforest Aviary and Great Southern Oceans!

In high wind

Our Sky Safari may not operate during high winds for safety reasons, but be sure to catch the QBE Free Flight Bird Show as many of the stars delight in the extra lift of fresh winds!

On very hot days

Some animals may be less active as they look for shade, but be sure to visit the female elephants and calves which often swim beneath the waterfall or wallow in the mud as they cool off!

Animals are most active early in the morning, so avoid the crowds by coming to the Zoo as it opens to catch the animals when they are energetic after their morning feeds.